Creating amazing eyebrows

for the every day woman!

Martina Smith shop owner posing with branded coffee mug

Let's Get You Beautiful Brows.

Hi, I am Martina! I'm the owner and brow expert at Beaut Brow Bar in St. Paul, Minnesota.
BROWS! It’s the one thing that can easily make or break your look. Some of us were blessed with an amazing pair of brows. However, there is a large number of us that need a little help in that area. That’s were I come in! My goal is is to help all women, no matter what they look like, achieve amazing eyebrows.
I've trained and been certified by some of the top PMU in the country: D’Lux Artistry i Houston, Neeziiebabiie Beauty in Las Vegas, and Ms. Nicole J. in Chicago.
If you're in St. Paul, Minneapolis or a surrounding city, I'd love to help you feel your best and feel beautiful and sexy with some amazing brows!

xo Martina Smith


woman with microshaded brows


Best suited for those looking for more dramatic and fuller brows.

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closeup of a beautiful woman's brows


Best suited for those looking for lighter to darker filled brow look.

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closeup of a woman's eyebrows


Best suited for those looking for a natural result to enhance your brows. 

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Stop filling in your eyebrows everyday.

Whether you’re walking the streets of St. Paul or at your desk in a Minneapolis high rise, your brows deserve to look their best—no matter how you like them.